Hey Family & Friends! I want to tell you a little bit about my life history. I grew up in Sandusky, Ohio, which is home of one of the tallest roller coasters in the world, located at Cedar Point. When I graduated from High School, I left home a month later for the United States Army. I trained at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, my first duty station was in Fort Benning, Georgia, where I met my huband. My husband has served in the military for almost 21 years and we have 3 fabulous children!

I have been serving in Georgia since the age of 19.  I also served in Kuwait during the Iraqi Freedom war in 2003 and later traveled to Iraq to continue serving our country. I served in the Army for 4 years and the Georgia Army National Guard for a year.

When I decided to start another journey in my life, I went to college and attained my bachelors and Masters degree in  Business Management and Administration. I also completed a year of Law school, which gave me an even better appreciation and understanding of the impact of the law. I always say that "the law touches everything." I have a background as a business professor, entrepreneur, human resources assistant, staff accountant, college recruiter and project manager. I have lived in Fort Benning, Columbus, Conyers, Jonesboro, College Park, Savannah, Atlanta. Georgia is my home.

I am the owner of "Swan Immigrant Help and Data Entry", a document preparation company for government agency applications, Licensed to assist immigrants in the application process. "Business Women Consulting, LLC is my second business currently located in Rockdale county and I have several other seasonal businessess.

Please visit my canidadacy page on Facebook: Takosha M. Swan