Issues I intend to help bring solutions to...

*Current Stance on District 90 Issues:

*Will Rebuild the communities by having the constant humility needed to learn from the people that live in district 90. By keeping leaders and constituents informed, involved and together
*Supports fighting against illegal selling of guns. Some statistics have shown and police officers have stated that most crimes come from illegal gun owners. Gun owners that are not authorized by law to have a weapon.
*Supports the expansion of the Mass Transit System (ATL) in some areas. Dekalb county has been investing in the MARTA system for quite some time. It is time for a return on their investment. I plan to be at the table for discussions for Rockdale and Henry county.
*Supports solutions to Public Safety and Mental Illness. Please visit ThePCEEffort.US to read out my public safety community plan.
*Supports accountability metrics to empower school districts to appropriately gauge effective student learning, and curriculum in preparation  for post-secondary education or the workforce
*Supports funding businesses that have community purposes such as non-profits and local business collaborating to help the communities in which their businesses reside

Endorse someone that will:

*Execute existing policies and resources that are available now

*Promote unity and Collaboration amongst residents, businesses and government representatives

*Support permanently made infrastructures instead of temporary fixes

*Provide more education on rights and laws for our students and citizens

*Hold the governmental public servants, illegal immigrants and citizens accountable for our community health and culture

Endorse a New Voice in Georgia! *When elected Takosha Swan may be the first woman of color to serve as a Republican in the Geogia House of Representatives*